Food At CareForKidz

Nothing feels better than watching the children tuck into a healthy, home-cooked CareForKidz meal.

Fresh Fruit

Fruit is one of the most important parts of your child's diet. It's low in fat and calories and supplies key nutrients that your child needs to grow. Every week our practice offers fresh fruit from oranges bananas,oranges and more.


The food groups that make up this balanced diet are protein foods like fish, meat and eggs, starchy foods supplying carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and milk and dairy foods whilst always consedirng alergies and childrens needs and wants. It is very important that your child gets the proper amount of calories and nutrients in order for him/her to function at an optimum level. The amount of calories and servings of food that your child needs every day is based on several factors; age, gender and activity level.

Fun Foods For The Kidz!

Every childminder should make an effort to make food fun for kids! Dressing up basic snacks like fruit, veggies and sandwiches will put a smile on the childrens faces! Good things come in small packages and mealtime is no exception. The meal times and the content of meals will be discussed first with the parent to ensure likes & dis-likes, allergies and more are considered. Meals are generally low in calories, provides a variety of healthy ingredients, and are  tasty.


Please contact the practice to discuss your childs requirements